Nice to meet you!

I am Sakiko Yoshimura from SOKIA SUKOKA.
I am an artist from Tokushima, Japan.
I would like to introduce the brand name : SOKIA SUKOKA and explain where is the name coming from.

Both SOKIA and SUKOKA mean my first name and are created in Canada, because there was the time I lived in Canada.  I was an exchange student from Japan.

I guess above these are not good enough information yet. So, let me tell you a story to make it clearer.

In Canada, I had difficulty finding new friends and becoming familiar with the new school. I think the students in the school were also unfamiliar with a Japanese student like me since the area rarely had Asian people.

Under this circumstances at the beginning of my school life, there was a girl in Art class who always try to talk to me. Actually, I'm not sure if she was really trying to talk to me, but definitely she was trying to call me by my name many times all the time.

"Heeey! SOKIA....!"

"Oh, Sorry! it's not. It's SUKOKA!"

Those were not even close to my authentic name, but this meant something to me. I believe my name is a special gift from my parents though it does not have to be always right. I do not have to be called SAKIKO correctly, I just wanted to smile. I just wanted to laugh. It was not a big deal having incorrect name rather than having no friends and be nervous every day. Everyone is irreplaceable, so I think we do not need to worry so much about something superficial because our name is our name no matter what. The one is meant to be one. 

I want to look back and hug myself who spent sensitive years in youth in abroad. Now I hug both SOKIA and SUKOKA together and let them be my brand and am trying to make it worth it.

Hope SOKIA SUKOKA has something in common to share with you.
Please feel free to drop by this online store at any time.
SOKISUKO will introduce some GOODS more and catch you 
Thank you.

Sakiko Yoshimura
March, 2021